Cappadocia, which in Persian means the land of beautiful horses, is a region with superb examples of Anatolian cousine. Akköy Evleri’s Restaurant’s interior has been designed to reflect the region’s traditional heritage. All food is served with authentic Turkish cooking utensils such as the clay pot for you to enjoy the full experience of an authentic Turkish dining experience.

Akköy’s cousine is characterized by the use of robust flavours of regional produce, summer vegetables and fruits. The menu includes a variety of local barley and dried vegetable soups, stuffed grape and cabbage leaves, yoghurt drink, tandýr kebabý, bean stew with meat, testi kebabý, a variety of salads, fruit composts and grape extract-based sweets. Akköy Evleri has its own organic garden which basically all fruits and vegetables served at the restaurant come from.

Cave Bar will serve you for private dining occations with rich menus and otantic ambiance.

Lobby Bar and Lounge with the view of Cave is ideal venue for drinks, appetizers and teatime to refresh and to pamper yourself. Lobby Lounge is the new meetingpoint for Tea time full time.

kahvaltiVegetables from Akköy Evleri’s organic garden